Ski Gudauri Rental

You will find everything you need at Ski Gudauri Rental: skis, boots, snowboards, helmets, poles, gloves, goggles, clothes, snowshoes and sledges to enjoy your days on the snow fully equipped!

At our shop you will also find a fully equipped workshop where you will be able to leave your equipment for shaping edges with machine or by hand, and waxing.

Please read carefully Terms of conditions for Ski/Snowboard Hire:

1. Each person who participates in the sport of skiing accepts the dangers that inhere to the sport.

2. I understand that there are inherent risks in the use of this equipment, that injuries are common and ordinary occurrences of the sport and I freely and voluntarily accept those risks.

3. I understand that the binding system will NOT RELEASE at all times or under all circumstances where release may prevent injury or death. That it is not possible to predict every situation in which it will release and it is, therefore, no guarantee of my safety.

4. I understand how to use the equipment – I will use it as it is designated to be used.

5. I agree to inspect the equipment and accept it as is, only if it is satisfactory to me. I accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment and agree to pay Ski Gudauri for any damages or loss for non –return.